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File Monitor takes a lot of manual work off your hands by constantly monitoring folders for the creation of new files
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File Monitor
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2 August 2013

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Invigilating or monitoring of the computers of employees or even your own computer is very important as it can avoid unnecessary troubles. So if you are in the verge of uncertainty and have lost the trust on everyone working the PC of yours or your employees then take the help of File Monitor 3.7a. Fitted with all kinds of monitoring and identifying features the solution enables you to track and deal with all new files and folders that are incoming or outgoing from the PC. With this application administrator can hook their eyes on any changes on the important files and folders and prevent the damage which can otherwise prove to be costly.

File Monitor 3.7a gives the users to carry out all the tasks that he or she wants to when it detects that a new folder or file has taken birth in the PC. Or the application automatically carries out the desired tasks that is programmed on this tool. The tool can act on files that are complete and does not support corrupt files. Suppose there is a movie files which in the process of copying from one drive to other, the tool can play it only when the file is completely shifted. This application gathers the capability to handle many files together or work on each of them one by one. You can enable yourself to see the actions also of the files that are transferred through FTP and know about the Updation, deletion, see sub folders and various others.

From emails to transferring of files to addition to deletion of files or folders and sub folders, everything can be monitored through this application with ease. File Monitor 3.7a comes with a very decent price tang and very useful for network admins. Hence we allocate the application a score of 3 on a scale of 5 on account of its efficacy.

Publisher's description

File Monitor constantly watches over a folder or selection of folders for the appearance of new files. When one is detected, a custom action is carried out. This action, for example, can be to open the file in a compatible program. Files will only be dealt with once all of the data is present and has been copied over thoroughly. This makes File Monitor ideal for working with files of any size, including particularly large files such as movie files. Any incoming files may either be handled together or one-by-one.
File Monitor is ideal in many scenarios, for example, for watching FTP sites and folders. It can process incoming FTP files automatically, taking a great deal of manual work of your hands. Incoming files can be data-mined as well. Email attachments may be processed as soon as they are saved to disk and new files may be easily and quickly loaded into a database. These are just some of the many scenarios in which File Monitor can prove to be exceptionally useful.
File Monitor
File Monitor
Version 3.7
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